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Where to get the money? Savings in our lives.

Everybody needs money, and always, and it is desirable - as much as possible. Money do not leave anyone indifferent. They are so firmly established in modern life that related problems can disrupt the plans, dreams, relationships, destiny and even destroy life. In the pursuit of prosperity, people often forget is that we have to live "here and now" and not to postpone until later life, on "That's when I get rich ...".
Where to get the money
Where to get the money? 

So where's the solution? And he is very close to Sberbank is always ready to substitute its citizens in the form of lending arm.

Loan - a loan of money, which is issued for a specified period and for specific purposes. At the same time there is a list of certain conditions, compliance with which is mandatory for both parties - the outstanding loan and get it. The client returns to the bank loan within a certain period, paying interest as a reward for service.

1. Loans to individuals every year improved, loans are available to all large segments of the population, simplified procedure of registration, gradually declining interest rates. Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens monthly style loans for a variety of needs. To obtain a loan of Sberbank of Russia, we must meet certain requirements. Today Sberbank Russia offers various types and interest rates on loans to individuals. Securing the loan consists of suretyship and collateral.

2. You want to get on the car, but low on money? Car loans come to the rescue of the Savings Bank. Sberbank is ready to provide all interested persons a car loan for the purchase of both new and used vehicles foreign and domestic production. Loans are provided by two programs: "Bound program" and "standard program". They are issued for a period not exceeding 5 years and only the citizens of the Russian Federation not younger than 18 years who have official confirmation and sufficient credit for monthly income.

3. If you need funds to purchase expensive goods (furniture, appliances, etc.) to receive the second higher education, or simply to make the journey in Luba country in the world, it will help in all these matters consumer credit Sberbank. This is one of the most common types of credit, but it has some limitations and features that you should know in advance.

4. Housing issue ... Do you want your house as old as the world. And fortunately, its embodiment in life is made available to the wider population. Developed three programs of housing loans: loan on a property in the Savings Bank, Savings Bank mortgage loan and credit "Mortgage +". Mortgages in the Savings Bank for each type of lending has the features to be aware of in advance.

5. If you need to send money, do not get lost - please contact the Savings Bank. Remittances through Sberbank - it is available and convenient. Transfers are made in Russia, the CIS countries in the CIS countries. And the translation can be done without opening the account or the account of the deposit. In addition, Sberbank of Russia pays remittances in foreign currency received from abroad. Remittances through Sberbank - it's convenient and secure.

6. Do you want to get specific prestigious profession, and training you can not afford? Try to contact the Savings Bank: the end of 2006 educational loan from Sberbank issued for simplified conditions. This credit can receive Russian citizens aged 14 years, who are planning to enter the educational institution providing training on commercial (paid) basis, as well as train students for a fee.

Education credit is given a lump sum or installments, within the available balance limits approved by the borrower. Issuance of educational loan is only by bank transfer to the account of the educational institution. Transfer of credit for education is made as students presenting Russia's Sberbank relevant documents of the educational institution.

Gone are the days when it was possible to rely only on his cherished kopilochku-egg capsules, where to draw the cash reserves, deferred diligently to unforeseen and unforeseen expenses. Now the slogan "Keep your money in a savings bank" can be changed to: "Take the money in a savings bank!" As can be seen from any financial difficulties, you can find a way out, and will help in this reliable partner - Sberbank of Russia.

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