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How and where to get a loan to buy the garage?

Almost all banks have loan programs for the purchase of a car loan. After purchasing the car, a man thinks about where it is stored. And if the money to buy cars for cash from the client was not, then certainly on their garage, and a fortiori not be.
Turns out, real enough to issue a credit for the purchase of a garage in the bank, however, must immediately be ready for the additional conditions imposed by the bank in relation to the borrower and to the garage. For example, a loan may be purchased only, garage, are privately owned. That is a cooperative garage purchase for bank funds will come as no such purchase of property rights does not, but only provides an opportunity to join the cooperative.
In the case when the borrower wants to build their own garage at the expense of credit, it is also likely refuse. Fabricated metal garage or storage box cars banks lend without problems.
Before you apply for the loan processing to acquire a garage, you need to prepare a package of documents consisting of a registration certificate, state certificate of land, as well as a certificate from the BTI.
Most banks do not have independent credit programs for lending garages. But there are other credit products, allowing to use the borrowed money to buy a garage. Firstly, you can use a standard mortgage. The maximum loan amount is not more than 75% of the purchase price. The interest rate on such loans will be at a level of about 17 per annum.
When you make a loan to buy an apartment in a newly built house, many banks make out an additional loan for the purchase of a garage in the same complex.
If no mortgage program client does not fit, you can issue the usual consumer credit in cash and send the proceeds to purchase a garage. Collateral for such a loan may make any property belonging to the client, or vehicles. In this case, the client can receive a loan for the full cost of the garage.
Experts recommend that customers who do not have enough to buy a small amount of the garage, not to issue targeted cash loans. However, these loan schemes are not always profitable. After all, the interest rate on consumer credit mismanagement sometimes reaches 50 or more per annum. The maximum period of validity of such a contract will not exceed 3 years.
If the cost of the garage is not high (no more than 5 thousand dollars), you can get a credit card with a limit set on it. In the most advanced domestic banks have recently emerged of the "garage mortgage." This program allows you to get credit lending, both in rubles and in foreign currency for the period to 50 years. The loan amount will not exceed 70% of the price of the garage.
Usually a mortgage on the garage at the same time make out with a mortgage on an apartment. In this case the customer a choice of ground or underground garage complex. A readiness garage in this case plays no role.
Operating in our country law "On mortgage" includes such loan programs, but despite this, "garage mortgage" in domestic banks while rather unusual. By law, the garage is private property, is a complete property and, therefore, subject to mortgage for lending.

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