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Should I take home appliances on credit?

In society there is a stereotype about the high cost of consumer loans, but despite this fact, the borrowers of consumer loans in banks is becoming every day more and more. Credits for the design of equipment are made daily in each store. Perhaps people make out loans, while under the influence of commercials, perhaps lending - it is really the only way out for many.
In fact, the reasons why so many of consumer formalized, several. Firstly, it is the simplicity and speed of registration. Loans are made directly to the outlet so quickly that the client simply does not have time to think about all the good. Some online stores offer clearance of goods on credit for home delivery, that is, the client will not even need to go to checkout.

Remote circuit design is very simple: the customer scans his passport shall fill in the form located on the website. Next to e-mail the seller sent the questionnaire with a passport and everything. No additional documentation is needed. Within days the seller will consider a client application and take a decision on it. After that, the customer will be informed about the result of the review and clarify the nuances of the transaction over the phone.
Appliances, along with the contract will be delivered by courier to the address specified by the customer. After the customer submit the original passport, sign a contract and pay the down payment, the goods passes to him for use. Naturally, such a scheme clearance of goods on credit just does not give a client to recover, before the goods and the contract will be in his hands.
Undoubtedly, such a scheme is simple and convenient, but it is associated with a number of disadvantages. The first - the interest rate is on average about 25 per year (much higher standard of consumer loans). The high rate is associated with additional risks that arise in connection with the accelerated decision logic without documentation of income.
As practice shows, the majority of our citizens credit contract read superficially, or not read at all. And it is in vain, because the contract - is the most important loan documents. It outlines the conditions, including penalties for late payment. Of course, it is difficult to read the contract carefully, when the soul is worth courier and hurries. But it is better to suffer a half-hour courier dissatisfaction than six months or a year and then use the bad loans issued on extortionate terms.
There are positive aspects in such simplified credit transactions. Having credit remotely and timely payment thereof, the client can improve your credit history (if necessary).

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