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How can I get a loan for an hour?

Advertisement "credit hour" sometimes its appeal, often confusing potential customers of the bank, putting them in an awkward situation later. Today, numerous advertising of banking products accompanies us at every step, literally giving yourself properly analyze the advantages of the product and its feasibility. A similar pattern is observed in the region of the so-called fast loans.

Different variants of fast loans

The situation first. Similar offers bank granting the loan fast probable at the time of the respective shares of the bank. In order to really understand the nature of this action, it is necessary not only to refer to the seen or heard advertising, but also personally visit the banking institution. The concept of fast loan or credit hour, many banks are interpreted in their own way, and an indication of the period allotted for a loan, does not mean speed of action. If a citizen of a desire to quickly get a loan using another bank's advertising campaign, it does not mean that in an hour, two client will receive the money on hand.

Today, among the many banks that announced the possibility of providing instant loans, a huge amount. Going on a publicity stunt, the banks do not aim to create the most favorable service for the customer, and simply as possible to attract customers. Typically, in this situation, the client application for a loan is considered fast for one to five days. The loan amount for such a program will not exceed 100 thousand. Rubles. Despite the statement, the bank speed of processing the loan, with the client may require a complete set of documents, including the income statement. Without income clients at risk of failure or even get comfortable with high credit interest rate on the loan.

Situation Two. In a further embodiment, the client may face a sentence bank to issue the credit within the next hour or two. In such situations, banks really play with the client roulette. Procedure countdown starts with a meeting with a client bank employees. If the entire application procedure will keep within the time specified, the client will receive a loan and can safely dispose of a couple of hours the money. If employees of the bank will not be able to issue the credit within the specified time, the client receives a loan with a lower credit rate, or in addition to the loan, any bonus.

Before you ask the bank instant credit worth on the phone to check whether the actual offer of the bank and whether it operates at the moment. Seeing on the billboard-like action, citizens rarely finish before the end of all that is written on it. Usually the conditions and terms of the action are written in small letters and in remote places. We need to find a bank clerk in addition to the conditions of the campaign, the required documents.

The usual interest rate on such loans is 25-27% per annum. All terms and conditions of credit, term of the loan, the terms of early repayment and the necessary documents are directly dependent on the size of the resulting sum. In some cases, the size of the loan amount on quick loans do not exceed 150-200 thousand. Rubles. While each bank itself sets the size of the loan granted to the sum.

Third situation. It's no secret that many people fall into the trap of financial, using the services of credit companies whose services are offered simply by the ads on poles with only the name of the credit institution, and phone number. The most unpleasant thing in this situation, that such creditors, rather act as intermediaries between the bank and the client. Advertising credits for an hour or even less, such financial companies go broke, because the procedure of processing the loan in a bank intermediation is not technically feasible for such period of time. Client who turned into a similar office, will have to wait at least an hour or two, maybe even a day.

Even if the company is ready to hit the client of its operational, it will require the customer to provide a complete set of documents. Here again without income can not do. After all the fulfillment of all formalities, the client can get a long-awaited "fast" credit, but at high interest rates. Typically, these companies mediators give quick loans at 35-40% per annum.

As a nice alternative to fast loans today are well represented variants of consumer lending. Banks in company with stores were able to establish the necessary rapid clearance of the loan to the buyer. Usually in the case of the purchase on credit, the entire procedure takes just over an hour of time.

From all this we can conclude that the express loans under normal credit conditions are possible only in the context of consumer lending. Considered fast cash loans or for various needs in the light of the convenience and benefits are not very effective. Too expensive.

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