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Have a dream? CONTACT helps!

This story happened recently with one guy from our company. Acne (call it so) came to us to work after graduation, was young and inexperienced in the affairs of life. So unconditional patronage over it took our Marya Danilovna which from time immemorial we have worked as an accountant and has a pathological need to take care of and teach. She has recipes for all occasions. And they, as axioms, not subject to discussion.

Hearing once that Acne dreams to go to Europe to buy a car, she actively took up the resolution of this issue. Contact the right people, Marya Danilovna organized "introduction" to the group Vitalik peregonschikov cars. Then gave him a thousand and one piece of advice on how and where you need to hide money in such a trip. At any objections she responded that the surest way not to lose them - is to always have them with you. And even wanted to bring Acne special "miracle belt" for storage of notes on the body under clothes ...

Fortunately, the male half of the team in time to intervene in the process, and after a stormy debate modernity won conservatism - it was decided to take the money by credit card! Seemed to choose the most convenient and safe option. Even Mary Danilovna eventually gave its "Approved-with." In general, we are blessed Vitalik all department responsible for such a journey, and he went on a journey for his cherished dream, taking with him a little money for the trip and international plastic cards.

Travel were serious people, not too much talking and not ask normal men, in general. They went by car, stopping at the gas station, turning in cafes and snack break, a couple of times went to the local supermarket. In short, ride the ride. And here is a very apt phrase, there were no signs of trouble ... But the law of meanness has not been canceled, and it always works flawlessly, and in the most "appropriate" time.

It so happened that the very last gas station at the exit of the store Acne, removing the card, for a split second and not get distracted by it in the wallet department. If not asphalt, and he could not hear the sound of falling plastic. Turning around, the guy accidentally stepped right on the card. Of course, brittle plastic could not withstand 80 kg build muscle - Card plaintively snapped ...

It all happened in a matter of seconds, Acne just numb with shock. Travel, examined the map, came to the sad conclusion that it is now unlikely to take the ATM. Practical checking of cards in the nearest ATM is confirmed. To say that Acne upset - it's nothing to say. He completely lost his head and was just desperate.

- Do not worry so, two hours will be in the final point and solve your problem, - said one of peregonschikov. - The main thing that was who immediately borrow the necessary sum in Russia. Have you got a man?

- Yes, of course. I could ask my brother ... But what I had to borrow money right now?

On the way he explained everything in detail. It turns out that many people do not just do not carry with them large sums of money, but even sometimes refuse to and from cards: they simply forward the money to your name in the local bank! And then come to choose a car, get a money order to pay for purchases and go back.

- There are banks working with our Russian money transfer system CONTACT, - explained Acne companion - and we often use it. It is very convenient and safe system: it has more than 40,000 locations in 86 countries around the world. I am sending before leaving himself Visitors coming - get. And no problem! So call his brother tells him the address and name of the bank, even sends money.

- So we're thousands of miles from home! When else will come the money? - Disappointedly gestured totally crestfallen Acne.

- Do not worry! Money will come in a few hours after you send them a brother. Just let it be sure to tell you the number and amount of the transfer - it will ask you to bank upon receipt of the translation. So call and went to the car to choose.

The finale of the story, I think, is clear without further ado: Acne arrived at krasivenko foreign car, which had long dreamed of. A system of international remittances CONTACT found in his face one more loyal and active user agitator: Acne us all ears buzz about how it is comfortable and cool, and it is strongly recommended to use this method, going on vacation. Even Mary Danilovna imbued!

Our hero was just lucky that next to him at the time were people who knew about this system firsthand. And for those who urgently need help, for example, the nearest service point of CONTACT system at a particular location, the system has a CONTACT Spyur with a single phone: 8-800-200-42-42 (toll-Russia, by the way, free ).

What else good system CONTACT? It turns out that not only does it help you with translations, but also with the usual payments. This is the only money transfer system, offering customers an even and wide range of payment services. In the office, working with the CONTACT system of payments can be paid cellular and satellite communications, Internet services and IP-telephony, utilities and packages, to repay consumer credit and top up the bank account, and much more. Now the system has about 300 partner organizations, for the use of goods and services which can be calculated using the CONTACT.

Performance and reliability CONTACT each year attract more customers: for eleven months of 2008, its services have been used more than 12.5 million. People (in 2007 for the same period the system was about 8.7 million. Clients). And money transfers and payments via CONTACT system comply with international quality standards ISO 9001: 2000, which confirms the annual international reputable audit company BVC. In general, if you ever take advantage of the system CONTACT, it is unlikely that only then will look for something else ...

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