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How to get a bigger loan?

Before you go to the bank for a loan you must fill out an application, which the bank will review and make a preliminary decision on lending. The application potential borrower requested to indicate the necessary amount. It often happens that the client received approval and invitation to the bank to sign the loan agreement, learns that he does not approve the requested amount of them, and in less than half. The question arises, what to do in such a situation: to accept and take what they give, or to argue and try to persuade the bank to issue more? What are the ways to increase the amount of the loan - this will be discussed in this article.

To begin, it should be noted that each bank issuing the credit, wants to get its own funds, together with interest at the end of the loan period. To do this he must ensure the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition, each bank provides loans to the population, there are important objectives, one of which is to minimize losses and maximize profits. Therefore, loans issued to be returned on time, together with the position of interest. To find these customers, banks here on a variety of tricks, such as a call with the approval of the loan, but without specifying the approved amount. Upon receipt of the joyful news clients are running to collect documents. That approval is not the same amount that they requested, clients learn how to rule, only when the visit to the bank. The collected documents are helping the bank to collect about potential customers more information, check its solvency, and to agree to the proposed amount or not - it is only a potential borrower. In addition, there is a practice of applying for a loan to several banking institutions. After receipt of all approvals can be considered the most convenient option

One should distinguish between loan processing and approval of applications for credit. The fact that the approval completely to nothing obliges banking institution, as, indeed, and most of the borrower. Thus, the bank only gives you understand your future customers that pre-test is successful, you can consider further documents and to make the final decision. Therefore, when applying for a few credit agencies and obtain approval a potential borrower has the right to select the proposal which it seems most advantageous.

But the question is why, when the application for a certain amount, banks are sometimes willing to offer only half remains open? Actually explain this behavior quite easily. Because the bank before you issue the funds in debt, carefully examine the potential client, analyzes its credit, and if the results of checks is that the income of the client is not able to maintain the requested amount, the loan is still approve of, but at a lower amount. The fact that the payment of the loan in a month takes no more than 50% of income. Therefore, even if the borrower thinks that getting 30 thousand rubles, it is easy to live for 10 thousand, and 66% could give the bank, it will still be denied a desired amount. In addition, banks are often denied their fair share because of dissatisfaction with a source of income.

But if we ask the bank a certain amount, then we need is in it, is not it? How, then, to do? Is there a way to force the banks to give the amount that is needed? As they say loan officers, the bank could be persuaded to give the required amount, but the bank's decision will depend on several circumstances.

Of course, everyone knows that today receive "white", official salary in Russia was fortunate not to everyone. Many people prefer to work at the company, where the salary paid to gray. In this case, you must prove to the bank that actually your income is higher than indicated in the certificate 2NDFL. Of course, many employers prefer not to publicize this information, but the free-form certificate, or a certificate in the form of bank quite often arrange a suitable employer and bank. Also, many people are working on the basic work, and in his spare time work part time, for example, under the contract, which will serve as proof of additional income. But not only depends on the employer, you will be issued a credit for the help in the form of a bank or not. Despite the fact that most banking institutions now prefer to work with such clients than to let their other institutions are also those banks that take into account only the official, "white" income.

To the bank was set to issue a requested amount, you can offer him anything as collateral. In this case, the property is well suited, car, land, and equity securities. If you have some extra income, such as rental of housing, the interest on the deposit - the bank also takes into account the income and may consider a large sum, a possible loan. Do not forget that all of their property must be documented.

A good option would be to provide the bank guarantor who has enough to repay the requested amount income. Guarantor in this case will also be carefully monitored by the bank, as it is it will pay off the loan in the event of the borrower's inability to repay the debt by the debtor. Additionally, you can lead a co-borrower, the proceeds of which will also be taken into account when calculating the bank the highest possible amount.

In order not to be in a situation where the bargain lost, and lost time, experts advise to think of all the things that relate to credit. First we need to monitor banks and credit products. Ask banking institutions (on site or in the office) about the requirements that apply to potential borrowers. No more than it would advance to calculate how much you get per month, how much money is spent on mandatory spending, and how much you are willing to pay for the loan. Currently, many banking institutions to post on their web pages, loan calculator, which will help everyone to calculate the amount possible to design a loan, the monthly payment. Note that the sum is preliminary, as there are not captured commission.

In conclusion I would like to advise all potential borrowers to soberly assess their strength and financial capacity. Remember how well you approach the planning of their costs and the loan amount depend real possibilities with this loan to pay off fast and painless

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