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Payment of the loan through the terminal

Every person who has issued a bank loan, should know that borrowers can pay the loan through the terminal, and not only at the box office of the bank. This is a very convenient way to pay off the bank. Since payment terminals are now installed in all public places and for a monthly payment of debt is not necessary to go to the bank. You can go out literally 10 minutes at lunchtime in the nearest supermarket and pay all there.
But despite the huge advantage of this method of payment in a number of significant drawbacks.
Firstly, the money paid by the terminal does not always fall on the same day to account, and, secondly, in all terminals provided commission. Members of payment terminals in our country today is not so much. Russians have become accustomed to them and look, realizing payment in bank branches, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
If the loan is paid in cash the same bank where it was issued, no commission will be. On the bill will do exactly the amount that was transferred to the cashier. And here is the terminal for their services will take an average of 2 to 4% of the amount transferred.
Because of the Commission, the Russians are trying to use the terminals only in extreme cases. As a rule, so pay only for small loans where the payment amount is not large, and therefore, the Commission will be insignificant.
As for the payment technology through the terminal, then it is easy. So, to pay the loan through the terminal Qiwi, you just need to click on the screen to show "loan repayments", choose your bank from the list, enter the contract number and insert money into terminal. What could be simpler? The maximum amount that can be sent through the terminal on one bill for one day is 29 th. Rubles, which is sufficient for most taxpayers.
Some people do not enjoy at all terminals of the commission, and because of possible technical failures. And I must say, not unreasonably. Despite the fact that the payment terminal is performed for a few seconds, the money account may enter several days. If the customer makes the payment amount on the last day of the contract, he has no time to pay it on time, the loan delinquency occurs, and the bank may impose a penalty. The bank will hardly listen to stories about how "angry terminal" untimely transferred the money where it should.
Sometimes the situation is even more sad, and money to the account did not arrive. Naturally, the client believes that the loan is paid (the receipt is, the payment is made with a stock over time), and the bank, not seeing the money starts to penalize the customer for failure to fulfill obligations. So it is necessary to keep receipts. Then it will be possible to prove that the payment was made on time, the truth will be on the side of the payer.

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