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What to do with credit, which did not take?

In the past few years, quite often there are situations where a person for no reason, no reason to phone call some strange people and need to pay the debt on the loan (though it is not made any loans at all).
This situation itself is not normally allowed. Even if the caller explained that no loan was not formalized, they will still continue to call and demand money. If these calls began, then clearly you need to clarify exactly what the representatives of the bank calls and send to the department to find out what was wrong.
The reasons for such calls may be several. The easiest and most popular option - Incorrect phone number when you make the borrower a loan at the bank.
The Borrower may, or mistakenly not specify your phone number, or specifically, not intending to repay the loan to the bank. Usually banks prozvanivatsya specified in the request by phone during negotiation of the loan, but sometimes managers approach to the duties formally.
There is another option - a man somewhere left a photocopy of your passport (or lost once the original), but the scammers have used them for credit. This embodiment is obviously much worse than the first. Typically, fraudsters, processing credit for someone else's passport, valid under the scheme: choose the loan program with a minimum package of documents and accelerated schedule of the transaction, take the money, and more of them, no one sees, and the owner of the passport, after a time, begin to press on the occurred delay.
Less common crooks go further by making a loan on photocopies of documents, in collusion with bank employees. In rare cases, bank employees themselves convey fraudsters photocopy passports client (for a fee of course), and then under which loans are made.
Another way to get the documents "victims" - to open an office, and under the pretext of recruitment agency, allegedly of request candidates to work in various organizations, of course, taking photocopies of documents. Of course, no one will not work. But on received copies will be issued mass fraudulent loans. In the end "customers" instead of the promised work, receive unexpected debts owed to the bank.
However, experts say that this situation should not be too upset man if he did not credit decorated. Allow a similar problem will not be so difficult. First you need to contact your creditors with an official statement that no loan was not formalized. It is desirable in this case to apply also to the police to the police also recorded the fact of fraudulent loans.
When the loss or theft of a passport it is necessary to contact the police. And immediately, not after the start calls from banks. If in fact the police recorded treatment in connection with the loss or theft of a passport, it will be validated by the appropriate document that will serve as a basis for termination of persecution by the lender.
To expose scams that actually issued the loan will help the bank surveillance camera.

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