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Crunching whether electronic money?

Paradoxically, it is absolutely virtual electronic money has become in today's world is quite an objective reality. They are becoming increasingly popular, and our fellow citizens a means of circulation for a long time are not new, even for those who do not "live" on the web. Moreover, this ephemeral intangible substance, existing in the form of certain computer codes very specifically and effectively materialize as an effective means of payment.

Essentially electronic money does not yield the usual, crispy. With their help, you can pay for everything on the web - and a variety of services (Internet, mobile communications, satellite TV), including utilities, and the desired products (both electronic and real). An incredible array of online stores offers customers books and CDs, medicines and household chemicals, clothing and footwear, household appliances and automobiles ... In the West, with the help of the "e" -deneg already sold and leased property. Just like a real electronic money can not just spend, but also to earn, you can easily transfer them to another person or organization.

In all of this, being functionally completely equivalent to the traditional paper money, electronic have many very tangible benefits:

  efficiency (eg, electronic goods paid in real time and with instant delivery);
  no need for direct contact between the payer and the recipient (pay no queues, 24 hours a day, not adjusting to the schedule shops or banks, all without leaving your home or office);
  opportunity for micropayments (how else can you really quickly and without embarrassment arrange translation, say, in the amount of two rubles?);
  confidentiality calculations (information about the details of transactions known only to their members, while there is always a way to track your money);
  information is encrypted electronic wallet so that the attacker does not get to it (all payments are made on a special secure scheme);
  a much lower percentage during payment, and even no interest at all.

In short, it is clear that the modern world is inconceivable without this service, and electronic money, extremely convenient and mobile, you just need to be friends. However, their undoubted convenience and all the obvious advantages are impossible without the introduction of the virtual space of real money. Because virtual money obtained from the cash yet.

Do this procedure quickly, efficiently, safely and hassle-help international money transfers and payments CONTACT. CONTACT take help can anyone in any bank operating in the system CONTACT. Perhaps such a bank is very close to your house - the amount covered by the CONTACT settlements constantly increasing. This quick and reliable service has such a wide network of payment throughout Russia that of its rich list of service points easily choose the closest and most convenient for you at the moment.

So, to make regular cash in your "wallet" that is, to convert real money into electronic, you need:

  come at any point of accepting payments CONTACT;
  Inform cashier on electronic wallet system which you need to transfer money across the network CONTACT;
  identification, report the transfer amount and your account number;
  pay the amount and get a receipt.

To display the virtual means of electronic payment systems, turning them into conventional paper money, you need to choose the most convenient currency exchange listing CONTACT:

  Make a proper request for the specific site of the payment system in its electronic purse;
  come in the selected item payments CONTACT;
  Inform cashier, from what payment system you need to get transfer via CONTACT;
  provide proof of identity, report the amount and number of transfer;
  get cash.

It turns out that e-money - it's the most comfortable and most maneuverable means of payment today, no wonder they have almost become an indispensable attribute of our lives. Their agility competes c tasty crunch usual bills with unprecedented success. And the active development of the service payments and transfers CONTACT significantly expands the range of possibilities IO these most superdeneg in and out of the virtual space, and because the service points of the system are practically everywhere in walking distance - in our ever increasing reality it is very convenient.

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