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What does it cost to check with the bank employee when applying for a loan?

If you need money for future expenses, you want to buy new appliances or making repairs in the apartment, then quickly solve all your temporary financial problems by using the unsecured bank loan - a loan in cash, which, depending on the conditions of the program, you can get a term up to 5 years without collateral or guarantors. But is it easy to apply? Indeed, despite the availability of this type of loan, borrowers inevitably arises the same question: how to choose a profitable cash loan and savings when it paid? So if you want to get credit for the most optimal conditions for themselves, you should know what it is worth asking the bank employee.

1. How much will have to overpay when paying the loan? Of course, it is impossible to find a credit program in which you do not overpay on redemption of debt. But try to reduce the amount of future expenses for lending you quite capable. If you compare the terms of several loans, in order to select the most favorable credit, enough to ask the loan officer how much you overpay when it is extinguished. The lower the value of this index, the more you'll save money when paying.

2. Can I pay the debt ahead of schedule, and whether there is a penalty for? Cash loan refers to the "expensive" banking products, but significantly reduce your expenses, you can in that case, if the payment of the loan ahead of schedule. Although here too there are some nuances. Firstly, to repay large sums of benefit only under the condition that the prepayment bank does not charge additional fees. And, secondly, if credit conditions do not provide for any penalties, the bank may establish a moratorium for a period of 6-12 months for early payment of debt. Therefore, when choosing a credit program should pay special attention to this issue.

3. What are the insurance companies running the bank? The lender has the right to demand from the borrower that he insured his life, health or ability to work in one of the accredited insurance companies. But if you are not given the right of choice, citing the fact that the bank is working with only one insurance company, you'd better give up the credit, since such actions - a gross violation of the Federal Law "On Protection of Competition" (you can even make a complaint Federal Antimonopoly Service). Better to choose a bank that works with several insurance companies, as in this case, you will be able to compare their current rates, and to take out insurance on more favorable terms.

4. Can I make payments on the loan cashless way through another bank? It is possible that you eat on a business trip, will move to live in another city, or simply you will not have time to call in the bank in which you arrange the loan to make regular monthly payment. Therefore, in order "not to draw on" the penalties, it is better to pay the loan at the box office of any other financial institution cashless. Ask the loan officer, can I pay the loan in the bank side, which the commission provides for such an operation and details on what it should do.

5. For what else, besides the accrued interest and fees, you have to pay? In accordance with applicable laws governing the activities of credit institutions, the bank has no right to demand from the borrower, so he paid for his services to those who do not have any relation to credit. But many lenders "forget" about the norm of law, effectively forcing borrowers to pay for the opening or maintenance of additional banking products are not associated with lending. Ask the bank officer, for what else you have to pay, and if it turns out that in order to receive a loan in cash you will be required to pay for the service is absolutely unnecessary to you current account or card, it is better to abandon such a loan program.

Get a loan without collateral and guarantors simple enough, but to choose profitable and convenient loan program can not every borrower. If you make every effort not too lazy to ask questions loan officer will consider all possible nuances and become familiar with the loan agreement before signing it, you can save considerably on receipt and payment of cash loan.

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