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How to return merchandise purchased on credit?

Sometimes, buying in a store any thing, the buyer returns it back to the seller in connection with the failure, marriage, or simply because it does not fit. This procedure is provided for by the current legislation and practice it often enough. But what if you need to return an item purchased not for its own account, and credit? Get the answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.
Current legislation described relationship between buyer and seller, as well as between the lender and the borrower. Legislative acts described in detail what rights and responsibilities are at each side. But in practice, the buyer (and the borrower in one person) to exercise their rights is difficult.
If the buyer does not accept the goods purchased on credit, it is necessary first to understand for themselves what they want -
a refund or exchange the product for another. In the case of an exchange, no problems should not be. Under the law, the buyer within 2 weeks is eligible for exchange or refund. If 2 weeks have elapsed, and the goods found to be defective or broken, then it is a warranty case.
In the warranty period, the customer is no longer refers to the seller, as a service center, where he was required to address deficiencies for free or replace a defective product with a new one if a defect can not be repaired. In the case of payment for the elimination of defects by the client's own funds, the seller is obliged to reimburse the costs in full. If the exchange of goods, the customer offers to another model, lower cost, the difference is he obliged to compensate in cash.
If the buyer decided to return the goods and take the money, then the store must do it at once, at the time of treatment. Customer due consideration received must repay the debt owed to the bank. In this case the interest accrued during the period of the contract, the store will not be compensated, and fully borne by the customer.
If the seller does not return the value of the goods to the customer within the statutory period, it shall pay a penalty, which amounted to 1% of the amount for each day of delay.
If the seller refuses to accept the customer goods or reimburse him the amount, the customer has the right to contact the Office of Consumer Protection at the place of registration of the complaint to the trade company. If this does not help - you can safely go to court.

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