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How to choose a mortgage broker?

In recent years, banks have become more demanding of their potential borrowers. Increasingly, in response to loan applications customers get unreasonable, in their opinion, the cracks. In this regard, customers try to contact the bank does not directly, but to use the services of credit brokers, collaborating with many banks and holding information on the existing credit programs.
The secret to the success of processing transactions through brokerage houses is that brokers work with multiple lenders at the same time, and they have the opportunity to pick up a client program to the maximum and she came to him, and the probability of failure in the design of the transaction was minimal.
In addition, many lenders believe that customers who are turning to brokers, not in the bank
- a neat and good payers. This stereotype was formed in banks, and in principle it is based. After all, if the client agrees to pay for the mediator (which sometimes reach 10%), the payment of the loan and the interest on it, they also do not refuse.
Experts recommend to address agents in two cases: firstly, if the client is busy enough to walk alone on the banks and lending terms to learn, and execute documents, and secondly, if the self-treatment of the client to the bank, it is denied.
For example, if a person has a criminal record or not the statement of earnings, the banks he is likely to refuse to make a loan. But the mortgage broker can negotiate with the lender and loan clients drew. Naturally, the broker will have their own ways to seek confirmation of the reliability and creditworthiness of the customer, for which, in turn, the customer will have to pay the appropriate remuneration.
Typically, brokers are not interested in small amounts of credits (because their remuneration is calculated as a percentage of the size of disbursed funds). Many brokers work with loans ranging from 100 thousand rubles.
Most brokers do help customers arrange loans from banks. But among them are also sometimes found scammers. The fact that such brokering is not licensed, the package of documents for registration need a minimum brokerage. So arrange fictitious brokerage agency, unfortunately, it is sometimes quite difficult.
To avoid becoming a victim of scams brokers, you need to follow basic safety precautions. First, do not trust businesses that are looking for a customer with ads on poles or at the entrance. Secondly, you can not trust the broker if he promises to issue just one hour a large loan without collateral and guarantees (or other conditions, absolutely far from the existing reality). Thirdly, do not mess with intermediaries offering loan processing on false (provided by them) documents. Fourth, it is desirable not to communicate with brokers, prepayment is required, and work with companies taking payment for services upon checkout.
It is also advisable to pay attention to the list of creditors, which runs the broker. The greater their number, and the more of them are large banks, the better for the customers.
As for the size of the commission, which require intermediaries for their services, it ranges from 1-2 to 5 and even 10% of the loan amount. Some brokers do not charge a commission from the client for services rendered. Here there is no catch, they just pay the interest for banks to attract customers.

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