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Auto insuranche ktes

Buying Auto insuranche ktes policy includes not only the payment of the cost of services, but also provide a package of documents, as well as familiarization with the conditions of insurance. After getting the first Auto insuranche ktes, many are faced with several challenges. Although some nuances do not know even the most experienced drivers, as they are often the second driver on any machine.
So, for the Auto insuranche ktes insurance policy, you need to collect the next set of documents:
• Passport,
• Documentation of the car,
• The rights of all who are admitted to driving,
• Graduated from the Police with validity,
• Diagnostic Card.

It should be borne in mind that these documents are available in print or in electronic form, but the latter should always be verified by electronic signature. At the same time responsible for the accuracy of the information itself motorist. And when you change the passport data or change a driver's license you must promptly inform the insurance company of any changes. Failure to comply with these provisions, the policy shall be void.

One of the nuances of the underwriting process is the availability of funds, which should not be insured. These include:
• Military vehicles,
• cars, which develop the maximum speed of 20 km / h because of structural features,
• Cars that can not travel on the roads of general purpose,
• Vehicles with registration of another state.

You must know that the approximate cost of Auto insuranche ktes insurance policy can be found in the system of the SAR data. At the same time for the insurance indicated price range, which can be applied.
Thus it is necessary to know that the purchase of the policy at the insurance agents will entail the purchase of additional services, but in the offices of insurance proceeds without any fees. Moreover, the final price may vary in a certain range, due to the fact that insurance companies use different base rates that affect the final cost of the Auto insuranche ktes policy.

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