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The calculation of the amount of funded pension

The calculation of the amount of funded pension

The calculation of the amount of the payments made on the basis of the period of its expectations (up to January 1, 2016 it amounted to 228 months or 19 years). Since the beginning of this year, payment waiting period established by the federal law on the basis of statistical data on the retired life. Based on the calculations, in 2016 the waiting period funded pension was set duration of 234 months, or 19.5 years. In this case the cumulative part of the pension is payable for life.

After the death of the pensioner, drew up a contributory pension, his relatives will not be able to receive the money, because the law provides for the inheritance
of a fixed-term pension payments. If a person has died before the appointment of his accumulation of payments, the successors or assigns shall have the right to dispose of the money, and get them.

If during the life of a pensioner has issued an urgent payment of the funded part, his heirs will receive the outstanding balance in full.

The advantages of these payments:

future pensioners themselves affect the level of their pension. Man chooses the way of investing the accumulative part of the pension in the organization, where it will be able to provide the highest percentage. Thus, future pension increases;
taking part in government programs increase the storage element, for example, in the "co-financing" program;
These savings are the personal resources of man. It may bequeath them to invest and to determine ways to pay.
Deficiencies in the funded pension is not, at least they do not relate to the pensioner. The only risk is the moment of choice NPF or the management company. If the organization is not entirely trustworthy, the investor runs the risk of not get their interest. Upon learning of this issue, you can choose another company.

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