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How to get the accumulative part of the pension

How to get the accumulative part of the pension

This term, as "funded pension" in 2001 appeared in the pension legislation, while just adopted a law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation." It entered into force on 1 January next year, as the result of his action was the division of pensions on a few parts.

Retire divided into several parts (base, insurance and accumulation), each of which was funded from separate sources. And if the first two are more or less familiar and logically explained, with the accumulative part of the pension, few managed to find out.

The funded part of pension

Funded pension is a monthly payment of pension savings that were generated by the insurance contributions of employers (measured 6% of the total wages for the citizens in 1967 p. And under) other additional insurance contributions and income from investments.

A working citizen can count on a contributory pension, if he has the right to insurance old age pension or early retirement well-deserved rest, as well as, if the amount of the cumulative share exceeds 5% of the insured retirement pension. These conditions are spelled out in the Act. dui lawyer newport beach

To have an idea about the main differences between all parts of the pension offer to understand the overall structure of payments. Let us assume that the rate of the pension insurance contribution, which an employer shall pay to his employee to the pension fund is 28%. This amount is divided as follows:

14% of the federal budget allocated and spent for the payment of the basic pension;
another 14% - goes to the pension fund for the financing of the insurance and funded part of the pension.
Initially, the workers above age category for the financing of the funded part of the employer deducts 3%, and a little later - 6%.

After a funded system of reforms and the formation of all the citizens could not understand the theory of such payments and to dispose of the funded part of their pensions. Slightly more than 15% of the people were transferred to the account of non-state pension fund and 1% expressed a preference for managing companies, and also left their funds in the Pension Fund of Russia. Citizens, which funded part of the pension was less than 5% of the total amount of payments, these funds shall be paid a lump sum upon retirement.

Summing up the results of the pension reform in 2012, the government passed a law according to which the accumulative part of the pension has been allocated from the total amount of the pension payments. Starting next year, funded pension payments made separate.   

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