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How to make the most attractive business letter

Yes, of course, after the lapse of years, as there is correspondence, already developed a stable set of rules and etiquette rules for writing a business letter. But in spite of this, as the experience of the famous diplomat, is now the efficiency of the writing business correspondence began to move away from the conventional dogmas. In this connection, to develop new rules of attractive business correspondence. MirSovetov chose the most interesting and effective of them.

The first rule. "Subject". The first thing that catches your eye when you get a letter - this is his theme. Probably every happened that received in the mail a letter with a note "Re:", "The Offer", and so we just threw in the spam folder or removed so as not to "mylilo 'eyes...
Also, each addressee of commercial letters, especially when lack of time can throw him "into the furnace." Therefore pay special attention to the formulation of the theme. For example, instead of "problems" can be written deployed "delivery problems of spare parts to the service station," or instead of "The offer on cooperation." - "The proposal to develop a joint advertising campaign", etc. The recipient, even opening the letter, to be ready for your proposed flow of information and determine at a glance whether useful to read a letter or a waste of time.

The second rule. "Greeting". Could you imagine that sitting in a luxurious office, analyzing, for example, a business plan, and then you burst a slave without a "hello-dosvidaniya" puts on the table the documents, turns and walks away. Pretty rough, is not it? It is also perceived and business letter, in which there is a greeting and a personal appeal. Therefore, always try to place the man to his correspondence while using politeness: by name or simply by name, given your interpersonal relationships. If such data are unknown to you, start with a letter generalized words. Perfect treatment "Dear Colleagues," "Dear partners", "respect the company's management" and others. Or just start a letter with the words "Hello" or "Good day."

The third rule. "Structure". It will be very useful if you start with an explanation of where and how you met or started cooperation. It is located to the person and you will be an additional lever arrangement to you. Then try to formulate the goal in one sentence of your letter. If there are a lot of goals, it is better to divide the text into smaller proposals to make it available to read. Try to lay out in the first paragraph the main idea of ​​the whole letter generalized phrase, because the beginning of the text is perceived much better than any other part of it. Also, if you have accumulated to the recipient a lot of questions, break them point by point. At the end of the letter expressed hope for further collaboration and appreciation to the recipient. And do not forget to leave your contact information (name, company name, job title and contacts).

The fourth rule "Files." Agree, much more interesting to work with someone who can tell us about yourself and your work, not only verbally but also visually guided only business correspondence. So try to prepare a business letter or even some very basic graphic presentation. A lot of time for its manufacture you will not go away, but what will be the effect. Also, by adding the attached files do not forget to sign them correctly. For example, instead of "summary" correct "Ivanov I. Summary for the position of a journalist".

The fifth rule of "All to the place." Pay close attention to their own methods of self-expression. For example, sometimes even "emoticons" are found in business correspondence. From the point of view of the same respect for the recipient, they are out of place and their use can cause your destination hostility when dealing with you. Also do not use expressive and affectionate expression. When making a business letter, the main thing - do not overdo it with its memorability, because delayed not only a good memory, but also the bad.

Finally, he recommends starting MirSovetov correspondence only when there is an urgent need. Remember the cardinal rule of the business world - do not waste time in vain.

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