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How to save on purchases

Folk wisdom says - saved, then earned. How and where to buy a quality product at the lowest price? This is especially true if the budget puts you in a rigid framework and, unfortunately, high costs can not afford. But there are different ways and tricks about them and discussed today.

Overstock (for products and services are not covered)

Overstock sale

The most common and well-known method - to buy things on seasonal sales, also called Salem (in English the «sale» - discount). As you know, at the beginning of the new season in a new collection of clothing stores supplied. When the season comes to an end, on the clothes from the new collection start acting discounts, initially 30% of the original price, then 50% and the final sale - up to 75%. Thus, for example, if a thing is worth 100 conventional units, you can buy it for 25.

Please note, during sales, some shops cunning. For example: the price of goods without sales was 100 conventional units store announces 50% sale at the same time makes donatsenku 30%. Thus, the price of the goods on sale under such conditions would be 100-50 = 80 + 30 conventional units. And 50% of the declared sale really is only 20%.

In the early days of sales in stores no room to swing fall - buyers crowd, and on line at the fitting room to spend a lot of time. In order to save not only money but also time and nerves, I, a few days before the expected sales, calmly choose what I want, I measure, sometimes write product number, and then, when the sale starts, simply take your favorite thing pre-matched in size and buy it.


Outlets - these are stores that sell clothes and shoes stale goods, which remained unsold in shopping centers during sales, or who remained in the warehouses of the manufacturer. Are these stores are usually on the outskirts of large cities and the prices are the most pleasant for the buyer.

In addition, the popular online clothing stores often have their virtual Outlets where you can buy the real thing at a huge discount.

Online shops

With the development of online shopping, widespread online shopping - there really can buy anything you want and at a good price.

Prices in the shops below, because the owners do not carry large rental space costs, salaries, and other vendors. Sale of goods is carried out directly from the warehouse. Many online stores provide their goods manufacturer guarantee (often this applies to various types of equipment).

Online shops

It is also advantageous to buy goods (clothes, shoes, cosmetics) from online stores, which are located abroad. Despite paying for the goods, its price is much lower than the local stores. In addition, on sites such stores exist "happy hours" where various things from a new collection sold for one or two hours with discounts up to 50%, long before the seasonal sales. On Web sites, online stores have a section complete sale - here are selling things that are left in the same amount or unusual colors and bold style - perhaps they are waiting just for you.

Still cheaper to buy things, household, stationery and cosmetics through the organizers of joint purchases. They are easy to find in the regional forums. These are people who, for a small commission organized wholesale purchase of and subsequent dispatch of goods from the manufacturer. In this foreclosure at the wholesale price, you can save 25-30%.

coupon Sites

On the Internet, every day more and more widely used are various sites where you can buy a coupon for any service. Such sites are distributed mainly in large cities. They work as follows: in order to attract new customers, or as an advertisement of their services, various firms (beauty salons, hairdressers, saunas, medical centers, cafes, etc.) placed on the specialized sites offer a substantial discount on the service. On the site, anyone can buy a voucher for the provision of discounts for your favorite service, and this is a discount of 50% to 90%. Payment is made by credit card, then an e-mail comes a coupon that you need to print and present at the service. Recently, the site-kuponatorah appeared and products (not just services) at reasonable prices. Advantageous to all - the seller is attracting new customers and advertise their services, the buyer gets a quality service and spends a penny on it.

Shares in supermarkets

Buying products and household chemicals - usually the biggest item of expenditure in the budget of any family. And big discounts can not be expected immediately, but that is exactly the case when the penny penny gained.

There are no well-known secret recommendation, firstly, you need to visit the supermarket to eat dense. When a person is not hungry, he did not buy, impulsively, waste products. Second, write a list of necessary products when you go to the supermarket. Plan what the menu will have you for a week, and then, based on that, make a list, and shopping, stick to clear it.

In supermarkets, and in many other stores have special buyer's card, which offers discounts, they are small - from 2% to 5%.

In addition, supermarkets often carry out various actions, when selectively make prices for certain goods for a certain period, so-called "hot deals". Learn about the auction offerings, from printed catalogs, which can be taken free of charge at the supermarket, or subscribe to the newsletter on the internet.

Often the action with a reduction in the prices of their goods is carried out directly by the manufacturer. For example, in order to attract attention to new products, manufacturers set up advertising (promonabor), in which a well-known and popular product sold together with the new product. Often, the buyer pays only for one product and the other receives a gift.

Also MirSovetov recommends pay attention to the actions of the following type: the customer offer to buy two products, and the third to receive a discount or buy one and get another 50% discount. If you do not need just as much, you can always team up with a friend and make a bargain.

Enjoy the shopping!

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