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Options for funded pension

Options for funded pension

Those people, in which 6% is deducted monthly guide to the funded pension funding, can choose one of two options:

transfer their savings in the NPF (pension fund). In this case, the contributions will be calculated in the same amount. Initially it was assumed that at the time of retirement will increase the amount of pension savings (its size depends entirely on the level of income of the company, where the citizen transferred their savings).
Once a year, the law allows you to transfer funds from the savings of APF to another company;
in the absence of an application for transfer to the NPF all premiums from the employer will enroll in the FIU. These allocations have to dispose of a citizen can not.
The main difference between other sources of funding from the pension savings is that the accumulative part of the pension is subject to inheritance. This rule applies in the case of working-age citizens to death since the start of receipt of funded pension.

The right to apply immediate payment of funded pension have only co-participants of the program, and those citizens who have made addition to the mandatory and voluntary contributions. If management is transferred to the employee only mandatory fee, the funded part will be available indefinitely, as part of the labor pension.

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