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Waiting for the next Auto insuranche ktes reform

Not the first month of rumors about a radical reform of the Auto insuranche ktes, which is preparing the Ministry of Finance. We consider serious changes in the part of the indemnity order in respect of the infamous factor bonus-malus, and measures to curb the activities of "avtoyuristov". We also discuss the possibility of transforming the "avtograzhdanki" into a kind of three-pronged nature - in three types of policies with different coverage limits.

points of agreement: reckless drivers should pay more

Perhaps the only point of the Ministry of Finance the proposed draft amendments to the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance, which does not cause controversy - is conducting additional factor for violators of traffic rules. The idea, by the way - the same age as "avtograzhdanki": the Interior Ministry offered to increase the cost of the policy for the reckless even the introduction of compulsory third party liability insurance in the distant 2003

But with all the logic of this approach is only now it gets real features: a bill, there is a consensus of insurers, the assumptions made. That's how hard they look:

Number of violations per year














over 35


However, this will affect only the worst offenders: 95% of motorists, according to traffic police, make up to 4 violations in a year; 5-9 violations - on the conscience of the remaining 4%.

Thus, the "strike" designed precisely for this reckless purses - the main culprits of loss of insurance companies.

Car repair instead of payments

Damages Auto insuranche ktes by compensating for repair - by default and without the possibility to increase the payment, cash compensation - only at the request of the victim. An interesting fact is that the requirements of the SRT repair of vehicles offered to the Central Bank to do: check range of services, set a deadline of repair, even ensure advancement in the technology used by the service (the regulator that moment did not comment on the proposal).

How to persuade the Central Bank to do in this business, it is not clear, but the insurers have to seduce What is proposed to carry out repairs without taking into account depreciation of the car, while in the choice of monetary payments will take into account the age of the machine "in full".

Thus killed just two order overexposed "hare":

· Auto insuranche ktes main problem - dissatisfaction with the size of the insured compensation due account of depreciation of replacement parts - is transferred to the section of the insurer / STR;

· "Avtoyuristy" significantly lose opportunities in terms of "cheating" payment of damages in the courts.

Speaking of avtoyuristah

According to a study conducted by the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI), up to 40% of intermediaries in the Auto insuranche ktes market (the so-called avtoyuristov) constitute criminal organizations that are engaged in falsification of insurance cases, forgery and other illegal matters, and only 10-15% honest help motorists to assert their rights in disputes with insurance companies.

You can have different points of view on the activities avtoyuristov, but the fact remains that fear of litigation costs, insurers have been paying customers of Auto insuranche ktes more, so that policyholders have to thank the representatives of this unique national event.

With avtoyuristami ruthlessly fighting. Recall that as recently as June 2016 with a view to preventing malicious action lawyers avtospetsov installed obligation to submit the insured damaged cars on the examination of the insurance company.

However, they know about the Russian insurers avtoyuristah? Magazine "Money" conducted its own survey (coverage - 4000 Russians) and found: 70% of respondents to the avtoyuristam never treated, 17% rated their services positively, others have not received the expected support treatment. Even if you do not consider a representative sample, the results are interesting: the insurers claim an unprecedented terror in the courts - insurers for the most part had never seen these "terrorists". Maybe that's something wrong with the statistics?

Auto insuranche ktes future: three in one

Most "fresh" from the upcoming amendments - the separation of "avtograzhdanki" policies into three types with different coverage limits: up to 400-500 thousand rubles.. (Analogue current), up to 1 mln. Rub. and up to 2 mln. rub.

The novelty is not without raisins: expand coverage can only be at the expense of policy DSAGO that most insurance companies have stopped selling to date; the new version of the expanded coating becomes part of the auto insuranche ktes - and makes the extended coverage required. However, in many policies and OSAGO2 OSAGO3 cost insurers can only speculate.

We are waiting for a global reform of the Auto insuranche ktes!

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