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Rules of calculation and receipt of funded pension

Rules of calculation and receipt of funded pension

The value of the funded part of labor pension is calculated by dividing the total amount of pension savings together, and income from investments. Produced this manipulation in the day when charged accumulative part of the pension retirement age citizens.

At a time and get the entire amount available will not all citizens, but only those whose accumulative part of at least 6% of the labor pension, that is part of the insurance and funded. Lump sum payments can take advantage of people who receive a social pension, work disability pension or after the loss of the main breadwinner in the family, as well as men (60 years) and women (55 years), the insurance period of less than 5 years.

To the pensioner was able to get his accumulative part of the pension, MirSovetov recommends that the FIU or NPF in the community, a statement and a package of documents.
The application can also be sent by mail. Usually, all treated to a private pension fund, on the hands with SNILS, the original passport and the insurance contract concluded with the NPF. In the case where the depositary is a pension fund of Russia, the handling need to bring the same documents as for the registration of pension.

When the application has been successfully registered, NPF or the FIU gives you a receipt or notify the receiving application. During subsequent decades the state body decides on the appointment of the payment or refusal of it.

After consideration of documents submitted to the pensioner will be calculated funded pension. The order of payment specified in the SPC there. Money accrued from the date when the application was submitted and provided the necessary documents. At a time the money can be obtained by:

Pension age you been assessed disability pension;
additionally you pay social old-age pension;
on pension savings of a recently deceased person claim his relatives.
In other cases, the funded pension will be paid every month.

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